Welcome to the Academy of Mountain Pickleball

In 2018 a small group of Western North Carolina's dedicated, advanced players created the Academy of Mountain Pickleball (called "AMP" for short). AMP was formed to be a positive driver for the long-term growth and success of pickleball in Western North Carolina through player development.


AMP is not a membership club, but rather run as an academy for the training and improvement of playing pickleball. 

The express mission of AMP is to facilitate experienced players to further develop their pickleball skills so they will achieve a higher degree of success in club play, club war events and tournament play. Player development principally takes the form of instruction that includes a heavy emphasis on drilling of various game situations, positioning, shot mechanics, shot choice, shot execution and strategy.

In 2020, the pandemic caused AMP to cease regular, weekly instruction at a set time at a designated facility. Today, with vaccines, more outdoor play and a variety of compelling venues, AMP operates in a flexible and virtual manner wherein instruction is coordinated with players at their preferred venue. AMP strongly encourages players to affiliate with one of the area racket clubs since they offer a variety of programs, ladders, open play and social events:

Additionally, AMP can provide instruction at area public parks like Jackson Park (Hendersonville), Oakley Park (Asheville), other parks and private court venues.

* instruction arrangements are made in coordination with the racket club